I have always been intrigued with the story of Anne Frank, WWII, and the Netherlands. As a side project, I thought it would be fun to rebrand the Anne Frank House.
My designs are based around the theme of it being the house of Anne Frank. Using the imagery of the house I thought it would be an interesting way to use pictorial elements to present words. 
In my process, I focussed on the experience of before, during, and after. 
Before: The booklet that would introduce the museum to individuals. This could be found at the airport, in hotels, and etc. 
During: This would be the ticket. I always enjoy tickets that are fun to look at and keep. Making it a multi-purpose item since it could be kept as memorabilia. 
After: The notebook and book bag. Things I like to collect when going to a museum as a souvenir. I thought the notebook would be appropriate since we all know Anne Frank from keeping her diary. And the bag acts as a way to carry the notebook, as well as an advertisement for the museum. 
Web Design
The website that Anne Frank House has is already functional and well designed. But, I thought it would be fun to apply the new branding!

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